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The unexpected costs associated with disabling injuries

While some people are born with disabling conditions, others develop them after working for several years. For some, it is an illness that leaves them unable to work, for others, it is a disabling injury. For people with back injuries, the need for Social Security disability insurance benefits is great, not only because they cannot work, but often because they must either move or reformat their homes to make them accessible.

It is true that not all back injuries will leave individuals paralyzed or even that all paralyzed individuals cannot work, but for those individuals who do become paralyzed and are unable to work, disability benefits are an important source of income. Though it may not be immediately obvious, there are considerable costs associated with paralysis.

Though there are only four Frank Lloyd Wright homes in New Jersey, none of them are fully accessible. It is not entirely surprising, as Wright designed homes long before the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed and disability issues were discussed in the national media. That did not stop Wright from designing a home for a paralyzed World War II veteran in Rockford, Illinois, however.

It is clear that this man was not wanting for money, as he was able to afford Wright to design and build his home, but many people living with paralysis are not so lucky. Many have to move into prebuilt wheelchair-accessible homes or they must spend time and money to install wheelchair ramps, widen doorways and put in chair lifts. For individuals who are unable to work, this is where disability benefits can really come in handy.

Source: Disability Scoop, "Accessible Frank Lloyd Wright House To Make Public Debut," Michelle Diament, April 14, 2014

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