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August 2014 Archives

Requirements and benefits of Supplemental Security Income

There are many different kinds of benefits and resources that are available to people with particular needs. SSI benefits, also known as supplemental security income, are one example. The first step to taking advantage of benefits that may be available is to gain an understanding of what the benefit provides and whether or not you qualify.

Can someone with a brain injury qualify for SSD benefits?

The Social Security Disability program provides benefits for people who experience disabilities as a result of illness or injury. In some cases, a person with a brain injury can qualify to receive benefits if the brain injury results in an inability to work. When analyzing a claim for Social Security benefits, the Social Security Administration looks at what the person is able to do, in terms of work, despite his or her disability. This is called the residual functional capacity.

Recent report provides data on future of Social Security

Many New Jersey residents worry about paying for their care and day-to-day expenses once they retire or if they suffer a temporary or permanent disability that creates an inability to work. For many people, the knowledge that social security disability benefits exist provides a great comfort. However, for people who may be relying on SSDI benefits in the future, it is important to understand the current state of the program providing these benefits.

New Jersey has largest average Social Security benefits payout

When New Jersey residents think about social security, they most likely think about retirement benefits provided by social security. However, a mental illness disability, an injury, or an illness-related disability can also qualify a person to receive social security benefits.

Can you satisfy the requirements for SSD benefits?

Although financial advisors encourage people to be prepared for the unexpected, the reality is that most people are not. Statistics provided by the Council for Disability Awareness estimate that 1 in 4 people will experience some form of unexpected long-term disability before they retire. The average length of the disability, measured in terms of the length of the disability claim is 34.6 months. If unexpected long-term disability strikes, many people will struggle to pay their bills and stay afloat financially unless they have the assistance of SSD benefits. For this reason, it is important to understand the eligibility criteria to receiver SSD benefits.

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