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Unexpected disabilities can affect anyone. Some disabilities occur after a person has been working for several years or even decades. In other cases, however, a person suffers a disability that generally prevents him or her from ever entering the workforce or from accumulating sufficient work history to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. For these groups of people, the Supplemental Security Income program is very important.

Qualifying for SSI Supplemental Security Income is very similar to qualifying to receive Social Security disability benefits in that you have to prove that you have a recognized disability. The difference between the two programs is that disabled individuals do not have to prove sufficient work history for SSI, but they do have to prove that they have limited income and resources.

For disabled individuals who have not been able to work, it is unlikely that they will have had any way to accumulate much savings or other financial resources to help them cover their day-to-day needs. It is for this reason that getting SSI benefits as quickly as possible becomes critical. Without these SSI benefits, many disabled individuals would be living in poverty, often without access to basic needs.

Unfortunately, denied SSI claims are not uncommon. Even though there is an appeals process and an initial denial does not mean that a person will not ever receive benefits, an initial denial does delay the ultimate receipt of benefits. In many cases, a delay in receiving benefits can create serious financial hardships for SSI applicants. Please visit our Supplemental Security Income webpage for more information.

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