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August 2015 Archives

Can living arrangements affect an application for SSI?

Previously, this blog has touched on various aspects of Supplemental Security Income or SSI, such as how it differs from Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI and what the basic requirements are to receive benefits. This week, this blog will discuss one aspect of an applicant's life that he or she might not think about much, but it may have an effect on how the Social Security Administration or SSA evaluates the application for benefits. This subject is the applicant's particular living situation.

What does the SSA look for in disability applications for cancer?

We've been hearing about the ill effects, potential causes of and possible cures for cancer for a couple generations now, at least. Unfortunately, the disease is still with us, and causing large human and financial damage in terms of lost lives and expensive medical treatments and procedures.

Can schizophrenia qualify one for SSD benefits in New Jersey?

The public consciousness and pop culture tend to have a certain idea of the kind of mental illness schizophrenia is. This misperception often includes thinking that people with schizophrenia have several different and distinct "personalities" living inside them. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding often leads to the marginalization and mishandling of those suffering from the condition. In reality, the condition is much more complex and disruptive to a person's life. Further, the fact that the onset of schizophrenia is often in a person's early 20s means that it usually interferes with the period of time when an individual is establishing his or her career path, and can have severe consequences for a person's earning potential.

'Medically determinable impairment' an important phrase for SSDI

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits in New Jersey can seem like having to learn a new language at times. Federal statutes and regulations tend to use their own kind of jargon, and the definitions of certain words and phrases can get very specific. Further, such phrases are not always amenable to decoding through simple common sense. One such phrase important to SSDI claims is 'medically determinable impairment.'

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