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Can a broken bone qualify me for SSD benefits in New Jersey?

Many New Jersey residents may have, at one time or another, broken a bone. Due to the relative commonness of such injuries, most people don't consider a broken bone a particularly serious problem. However, depending upon the part of the body affected, such injuries can be quite painful, and along with the discomfort, frustration over losing the use of a limb for some period of time could occur as well.

Breaking an arm, for example, can make it difficult to complete even simple daily tasks, such as getting dressed. In certain cases, such an injury can also make it difficult or impossible for a person to do his or her work. In such situations, a person might be able to receive Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI benefits until the bone heals.

According to the Social Security Administrations 'blue book,' there are a couple ways a broken bone may lead to eligibility for disability benefits. First, if a bone in the lower part of the body is injured, such as one of the bones in the leg, foot or the pelvis, and is determined by the available medical imaging tests and the injury makes it impossible for the person to effectively get around under his or her own power for more than a year, a person may be eligible for benefits.

Second, a broken upper body bone, such as one in the arm, may qualify a person for benefits if it continues to be under surgical management with an eye toward repairing the functionality of the arm, as long as it is not expected to become functional within 12 months.

As it can be seen, to qualify one for SSDI benefits, the break that occurred would have to be a substantially serious one. While the SSA requirements and federal regulations may not cover all broken bones, in those cases where the injury is severe and interferes with the ability to work, SSDI benefits may help a person make ends meet.

Anyone with questions about Social Security Disability for injuries may wish to consider speaking with an experienced New Jersey disability attorney. This could help the individual understand his or her situation and aid them in making an informed decision in their situation.

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