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Do not be discouraged by confusing terms in SSDI applications

Governmental agencies and lawyers are notorious for coming up with terms and acronyms that become almost a language unto themselves. While there has recently been a movement for 'plain language' in both the legal and governmental fields, there are still a fair number of phrases that are used within these niches that can be confusing and intimidating.

Previously, this blog has discussed the various legal 'terms of art' that exist in the Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI benefits process. For example, the idea of 'medically determinable impairments,' which is an important concept to understand when applying for SSDI benefits, was previously addressed in this New Jersey blog.

Along with the above phrase, the Social Security Administration's publications and web pages are peppered with terms like 'substantial gainful activity,' 'continuing disability review,' 'impairment related work expense' and many others. Even the names of the various programs that disabled New Jersey residents can apply may boil down into a kind of alphabet soup of SSDI, SSI, etc.

While the definitions and explanations of all these terms are available to those who are willing and able to take the time to look and analyze them, not everyone is going to be able to decipher this language immediately and easily.

Experienced disability attorneys, however, have dealt with this language multiple times and in a myriad of ways in past cases. Further, they tend to be trained to understand such terms and be able to determine the likely meaning of somewhat confusing explanations.

Professionals, such as our experienced attorneys at our law firm, have helped many clients in their pursuit of the benefits to which they are entitled. Anyone who has a disability that causes him or her to have an inability to work should learn more about their situation. Check out our SSDI web page to gather more information on the topic. This could help individuals make informed decision, protecting his or her rights and interests.


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