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In New Jersey, SSI recipients may get other benefits

On this blog previously, we have discussed various aspects of applying for Supplemental Security Income in New Jersey. We have touched on some of the requirements for people to qualify for SSI, such as being disabled or blind, and having limited economic means. We have also taken a look at some of the evidence that may be useful in the course of such applications. For New Jersey residents that do qualify for SSI, there may be other benefits that go along with the basic payments meted out by the Social Security Administration.

For example, according to the SSA, people who qualify for benefits will automatically be enrolled in the government's health insurance program, called Medicaid. Under Medicaid in New Jersey, enrollees can get coverage for various health care costs including hospital care, doctor visits, medical testing and, in some case, prescription drugs and other services such as dental and hospice care. The SSA says that those who qualify for SSI will receive a separate acceptance letter and a Medicaid Card from the State of New Jersey.

New Jersey also provides, in many instances, a supplemental payment to those receiving SSI. This is because the minimum threshold in New Jersey for SSI payments is higher than that for the federal program. Thus, if a person's federal SSI benefits are below this level, the state will make up the difference with supplemental payments. Also, people who live in a household where everyone is receiving or applying for SSI may be able to apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This was previously commonly referred to as food stamps, and allows people to purchase more food without spending more actual money.

It should be remembered that qualifying for SSI is no easy process, as the standards for receiving such benefits are quite strict. Checking to see if one does qualify, however, may have several advantages beyond the simple cash benefits provided, as can be seen above. Those with questions about SSI or Social Security Disability in general, may wish to consider talking with an experienced New Jersey disability attorney.

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