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The human side of SSDI applications in New Jersey

We have previously discussed the fact that many applications for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are rejected at first. This means that a good number of people with disabling conditions face delay and further effort to attempt to receive their benefits. We have also touched on several of the various forms of medical evidence that are generally used by the Social Security Administration to adjudicate these cases. Finally, we have talked about the appeals process, and the fact that hearings before an Administrative Law Judge tend to have somewhat higher chances of success than at the initial screening level.

We would like to emphasize that competent, thorough medical evidence is very important for an application for Social Security Disability based on injuries or illness. However, what may be just as important is the story of the person behind the evidence. Getting to the human side of costs of disabling conditions may be a key component in receiving approval for benefits. Every disability applicant is facing some sort of physical or emotional challenge that makes his or her life more difficult. Reminding an adjudicator of this fact may be important in a successful case.

Indeed, this may be one major reason ALJs often have a higher rate of approval than SSA initial adjudications. The judge generally sees the person and hears his or her testimony about what it is like living with the disability, and how it affects his or her life. While an initial adjudicator may have met the applicant in an initial screening interview, he or she is usually making the decision based upon a file of impersonal papers and nomenclature.

Getting the story behind a disabled person's application for disability benefits to come through is not always easy behind all the diagnostic tests and medical jargon. It can take experience and the willingness to listen to each individual's personal journey. Our firm has handled many of these cases in the past and those have been our guiding principles. Anyone who wishes more information on how to apply for SSDI or SSI may feel free to read through our web pages on the subject.

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