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What is 'expedited reinstatement' of SSI benefits?

About a month ago, we discussed the main reasons people in New Jersey, and across the country, get their Supplemental Security Income benefits suspended. We discovered that, according to statistics compiled by the Social Security Administration, the most common reasons were the SSA losing track of where a beneficiary was, and a beneficiary losing his or her qualification status due to earning too much income. But what happens if you've stopped receiving benefits because you began working again, and then have to cease work again due to your disability?

According to the SSA, there is a rapid process that may be available to some people who have stopped receiving benefits because they earned too much income from work. This is called 'expedited reinstatement,' and there are a few requirements to be eligible. First, the ending of one's benefits must have been due to excess income from work. Second, the former beneficiary must be unable to engage in substantial gainful activity due to the same condition for which he or she was initially awarded benefits. Finally, the request for expedited reinstatement must come no later than five years since the end of the person's benefits due to excess income.

The state's Disability Determination Services needs to have updated medical information in order to decide on an application for expedited reinstatement. This means applicants need to make certain they have evidence similar to that they used to initially file for benefits, but updated to reflect their new situation. In certain cases, SSA may give an applicant for expedited reinstatement temporary provisional benefits for up to six months while the application is being processes. According to SSA, even if you are denied reinstatement they will usually not ask for this amount to be repaid.

Reinstatement of benefits may not be as easy as it sounds. Remember that if you were able to return to work after your first award of SSI benefits, there may be questions as to why you can't work a second time, given the same disability. Since this post cannot guarantee any specific result for individuals seeking expedited reinstatement of benefits, those who are doing so may wish to consider consulting an experienced New Jersey disability lawyer.

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