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What is the maximum SSI payment a New Jersey resident may get?

This blog has discussed quite a few of the basic differences between the two main federal disability benefits programs. New Jersey readers may remember that these two programs are Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. Of the two, SSI is more restrictive and difficult to receive, and is meant generally for those with limited or no assets who have not paid enough into the social security system prior to becoming disabled. For people who have an inability to work due to some kind of physical or psychological disability, however, the SSI program may be the difference between being completely dependent upon others and being at least partially financially autonomous.

So, we’ve previously discussed some reasons one might be eligible to receive SSI, but perhaps what one really wants to know is: how much can a disabled person receive under the program? Well, the Social Security Administration puts out a publication which details the maximum amount of cash benefits that can be received by individuals in New Jersey from SSI. As with most benefits programs, these amounts will vary depending upon a person’s situation.

According to the SSA, a single person living alone or with other household members can get a maximum of $764.25 in 2016. A couple both eligible for SSI in this situation can receive up to $1,125.36. If the person is living with a spouse who is ineligible for SSI, he or she may receive $886. For a single person who is being supported in someone else’s household the amount is $532.98, and a couple in this case can get up to $826.43. Those living in a healthcare facility that is licensed for residential care can get up to $943.05 for a single person or $1,838.36 for a couple. People in Medicaid facilities or public hospitals may receive $40. All amounts are monthly.

It is important to remember that these amounts are maximums a New Jersey resident could receive if qualified for SSI. The benefits may be less if other income is available to the applicant. Those with questions about how much they might receive, or if they are eligible for SSI at all, may wish to consider contacting an experienced disability attorney.

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